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Beauregard Lafayette ♔La Nouvelle-Orléans
15 March 2012 @ 03:25 am

Ville de La Nouvelle-Orléans

revamped...kindaCollapse )
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Beauregard Lafayette ♔La Nouvelle-Orléans
06 May 2011 @ 12:37 am
Bo can be found sitting in some grass near a stream close to his house. A bag of peanuts in his lap, he peels the shell off carefully while eating the nut that is inside. Between peanuts one can hear him sing at a low tone
♪"Your smile, and the sound of your voice
And the way you see through me
Got a feeling, you give me no choice
But it means a lot to me
So I wanna know....what's the name of the game?"♪

He chuckles, popping another peanut in his mouth, as he resumes his singing. Feel free to bother Bo.
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Beauregard Lafayette ♔La Nouvelle-Orléans
16 December 2010 @ 04:23 pm
Bo just couldn't get warm enough at his own place, so he decided to just meander around the small town until he found the main meeting building. Checking the door, it's unlocked...thank god, so he'll just make himself comfortable in the place. It's nice and toasty in here, perfect temperature for the southern city.
Lounging across one of the couches in the sitting room he found, Bo reads an interesting article about movies being made in his place.

"Well at least Twilight isn't being filmed there, God I\ah feel sorry for Leroy."
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Beauregard Lafayette ♔La Nouvelle-Orléans
09 September 2010 @ 07:41 pm
Sitting in his room, huddled around his TV, Bo munches on popcorn and various snacks. It's the official start of the NFL season and his Saints are going up against Minnesota's Vikings. Of course his people are having a huge Mardi Gras-style parade for the beginning of the season and the Kickoff that is happening as we speak. They are going to have performances in the stadium and the raising of the Saints' Championship banner, then the game is on. He's so excited as he dons a Saint's jersey and just some sweatpants, because for some odd reason HQ has a chill running through the place. So feel more than welcome to bother him.
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Beauregard Lafayette ♔La Nouvelle-Orléans
27 August 2010 @ 12:16 pm
Despite the sinking feeling that is washing over him, Bo remains calm while sitting up in his bed. A cold sweat has broken over his ebony skin as he runs his clammy hands through his hair. Getting up off his bed slowly, that familiar feeling overcomes him, the suffocating feeling; the feeling of drowning. His world swirling around him, Bo grunts while returning to his bed. Staring up at the ceiling, he mutters to himself in Creole while rubbing at his tired eyes. He never gets the proper amount of sleep when it comes around this time of year. It's no surprise to him that a shit ton of things aren't fixed either...after five long years. He's used to being forgotten anyway, something that people in general shouldn't be used to.
He sighs, rolling over on his side to fetch his pack of cigarettes on his bedside table. Taking one and placing it between his quivering lips, Bo manages to light it with an unsteady hand. He chuckles while breathing slowly, trying to calm his shaking nerves. It's almost like he's reliving this terrible experience all over again, and being here in HQ isn't helping him at all. When he's home, he just doesn't come out of his apartment. No one comes by to bother him and all is well with the world. However he knows that people here will wonder why their usually upbeat and favorite Cajun man is locked away not wanting visitors at this moment.
Inquisitive people sicken him.
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Beauregard Lafayette ♔La Nouvelle-Orléans
21 August 2010 @ 12:01 am

Some random history I stole from somewhere because I'm too lazy to type my own shit. But I did add in the links of some words...so that does count as doing something on my own, right?Collapse )

Bo can be found sitting on the deck, he sings Keep your hand on the plow while sewing a doll to add to his collection. A small breeze blows by as he brushes some hair out of his eyes. You can bother him if you want. Also, I find it odd that two of my characters make dolls as hobbies...and they are guys :|
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Beauregard Lafayette ♔La Nouvelle-Orléans
27 July 2010 @ 05:47 pm
Bold can most certainly describe this Louisianan city. He doesn't care where he is, or how many people are around, if he is hot, damn it he'll do something to help with cooling himself off. Looking out over the lake, he sighs, God that water looks just fine right about now. Sauntering off of the trail, Bo snuffs out his cigarette. Taking his white button up shirt off, he neatly folds it and places it on the grass. Kicking off his flip flops, Bo takes off his shorts and finally his boxers. Jumping into the lake, he dives under and stays under there for a good five minutes or so. Coming back up for air, he feels refreshed already...bother him if you want.
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Beauregard Lafayette ♔La Nouvelle-Orléans
04 June 2010 @ 01:09 pm
Chancing upon the boathouse, Bo runs back to his room to retrieve his fishing pool and other fish gear. Borrowing a row boat, Bo sets up his fishing rod while drifting about in the two person boat. Laying down, his leg dangles over the edge of the boat, his toes submerged in the cool lake water. Staring up at the mid afternoon sky, he smokes while listening to his radio.
He's not expecting to catch anything thing, but it sure is helping pass the time.
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Beauregard Lafayette ♔La Nouvelle-Orléans
30 April 2010 @ 08:41 pm
He's busying himself in the kitchen right now, making gumbo if one must know. As he adds in an unnecessarily large amount of Tabasco sauce and chill peppers, Bo sighs. This oil spill is getting very bad, it's endangering his wildlife refuge and endangering his seafood business. With that being crippled, tons of restaurants and diners are going to lose customers. And the Jazz fest crowd is in town this weekend and WHY THE FUCK DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN?
He growls while chucking some raw oysters furiously; bother him if you want.
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